Picking The Low-Hanging Fruit

…And Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the Corporate World


In meetings on his first job out of college, James Sudakow found himself confused at the language spoken in the corporate world filled with weird expressions that meant far from what a literal translation might suggest. Sitting with his new coworkers, he pretended to know what they were saying, when in actuality he had no idea what phrases like “build a straw dog” and “singing from the same song sheet” meant. After 10 years of adaptation, he came up with a plan to try to stop the insanity – and it all started with a whiteboard where he listed all the words and phrases his colleagues, even superiors, were not allowed to use in his office.

“I couldn’t figure out why we were all using these ridiculous phrases, instead of speaking in plain English.” Sudakow says. “Someone had to try to call attention to this, and I was just young and foolish enough to think it could be me.”

Although the whiteboard experiment didn’t completely change their use of the expressions, Sudakow found his coworkers actually began to add phrases to his whiteboard. That whiteboard became the premise for his new book, Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit… And Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the Corporate World, a humorous glossary to help people in the corporate world figure out what everyone around them is actually talking about and maybe go back to a simpler form of speaking to each other.

Published by
Purple Squirrel Media Group

Purple Squirrel Media Group

Illustrations by Todd Kale

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