About CH Consulting

CH Consulting, Inc. is a boutique business consulting firm focused on two key areas that directly impact how companies can improve business results through people – 1) leading and managing organizational transformation, and 2) creating talent management strategies and programs that optimize and maximize the contributions made by employees at all levels.

All of the consultants at CH Consulting have a combination of big company consulting experience as well as internal leadership roles within the types of companies to whom we consult and provide services. We believe that this is a key differentiator because we can bring strong consulting methodologies coupled with real life experience of what life is like working operationally day to day within a company.

As such, our approach to working with clients is based on three key cornerstones:

Real world strategies and solutions:

Develop and implement practical and “do-able” people strategies – theory is important, but solutions have to be based in practical realities clients deal with every day

One size does not fit all:

Work with clients to implement and execute customized and tailored sustainable methods and solutions that are relevant for them

Support business strategy:

Work collaboratively to ensure that the people strategies drive financial and strategic business results

Organization Transformation

Helping leaders transform their organizations, business units, and departments to meet dynamic business needs:

  • Working with leaders to create the future state vision
  • Developing the right organizational structure & service delivery model to enable the vision
  • Defining critical roles, responsibilities, skills, and core competencies required, and ensuring the right people in the right roles with the right skills
  • Assessing processes, and driving process improvement
  • Leading and managing strategic and day to day operational change management – based in both theory and real practical experience – that can make or break any transformation effort

Talent Management

Talent Management and “people” strategies that help optimize business results:

  • Developing talent management strategies that support and directly enable the business objectives
  • Developing leadership succession planning and broad talent management strategies and programs
  • Improving employee performance through progressive performance management (moving as far away as possible from simply “tracking and documenting” performance)
  • Strategic workforce planning to understand core organizational competencies required to support future business need
  • Leadership / management team facilitation to improve effectiveness
  • Learning curriculum design, development, and facilitation


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